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1. What is the online concierge service?

It is an online platform that allows you to carry out online many of the typical requests made of the concierge service, including restaurant bookings at thousands of restaurants around the world, requesting tickets for the biggest sporting and music events, hotel and flight bookings as well as the more complex requirements which will be handled by one of the lifestyle managers from the concierge team.

2. Who provides the Coutts Concierge Service?

Coutts Concierge, including the online platform, is provided by Ten Lifestyle Management Limited trading as the Ten Group (Ten). Your relationship will be with Ten rather than Coutts & Co. The services provided by Ten are subject to Ten’s Terms and Conditions.

3. How can I find out more information about my Coutts account?

In order to find out more regarding your Coutts Concierge account and the information held therein, you should contact a lifestyle manager on 0203 056 4634. For more information regarding your other Coutts accounts, please contact your Private Banker, or log into Coutts Online.

4. Can I access my other Coutts accounts from the Coutts Concierge Online platform?

Only Concierge services can be accessed from the Coutts Concierge online platform. In order to access your other Coutts accounts you should log in to Coutts Online. For Thank You from Coutts, log in here.

5. Can a third party such as my partner or personal assistant book on my behalf?

Yes. This would require you giving them your username and password and your express permission to log into the site on your behalf. If you would like to authorise them to use the telephone service, please call the concierge team to arrange this on 0203 056 4634.

6. How do I contact the Coutts Concierge team?

To contact the concierge team, select Contact Us at the top of the screen; a list of direct numbers and emails will appear.

7. How secure is my data?

The security of your data is a key priority for Ten and our web application conforms to the highest industry standards. To ensure this we have had the platform tested by a global information assurance specialist company to the level required by the banking industry.

8. Someone from Coutts Concierge called me in relation to a booking that I made recently, how do I know it is genuine?

It is quite normal for a Ten lifestyle manager to contact you regarding the bookings and requests you have made, especially where you have asked for tickets to a major event that may require them to liaise with a box office. Please note that they will never ask you to repeat the full card details that you have already provided online and if you are ever in any doubt as to who you are speaking to we strongly encourage you to call back on a number you know, from a different phone to the one you have been contacted on.


Site usage

1. How do I register for Concierge Online?

If you are a Silk Card holder please contact Coutts Concierge on 0203 056 4633 who will arrange this for you. The email address that you use to register must be unique and not have been registered with Coutts Concierge Online before.

2. Can I log in on a mobile device?

Yes the site has been optimised for mobile and tablet use.

3. How can I change my email contact details or user name?

Please contact Coutts Concierge on 0203 056 4634, who will be happy to make any changes for you

4. Can I save my login details?

Yes, when you first enter your details on the log in page please select Remember Me. We do not recommend that you do this if using a public computer or device for security reasons.

5. I can't remember my password

If you have forgotten your password either select the Forgotten Password button on the log-in page and you will be sent a new one to your registered email address or if you are not sure what email address is registered please contact the concierge team for further assistance on 0203 056 4633.

6. How do I make a complaint?

Please contact the concierge team immediately should you be dissatisfied with any aspect of the service, who will look into the issue within two working days and will respond to you as soon as reasonably as possible.

7. What is the benefit of making a dining reservation using Coutts Concierge?

The online platform allows members to instantly access restaurants that you can't book elsewhere and industry-leading expertise from the concierge Dining team. Restaurants value the custom from members, so clients will often receive a benefit from the restaurant after booking which is not offered anywhere else.

8. What is the benefit of making an entertainment reservation using Coutts Concierge?

In the UK no one box office holds all the tickets in the market and usually for large events there are multiple box offices that sell the tickets, the concierge team work with a consortium of suppliers. The benefit of this is that they are able to get the best value tickets on the market and are also able to access live inventory direct from the allocations from their offices.

9. I haven't received confirmation of my booking what should I do?

For any purchase in the travel section, payment will be taken from your card at the point of booking. If you are in any doubt that your payment details have been submitted or you have not received a confirmation please contact the Travel team on 020 3056 4632.

For requests made in the entertainment section, your card details will be stored but the payment will not be processed until the tickets are purchased. You will receive a booking confirmation following the successful purchase of the tickets.

10. What is the benefit of booking my hotel through Coutts Concierge?

By booking through Coutts Concierge you can save money compared to the standard online price and this saving will be displayed at the time of booking. If you book one of the Global Hotel Collection properties you could be eligible for additional benefits such as free breakfasts or room upgrades.

11. What is the benefit of booking car hire through Coutts Concierge?

As an exclusive benefit for members, the travel agent's commission is not passed on to you, meaning you can take advantage of this discount.



1. Why is my card not stored when I first register?

For data security reasons Ten does not store your card details in this site. Your card details will only be stored at the point at which you wish to request a purchase and this is via a secure payment gateway called PXP.

2. How secure are my payment details?

The PXP Payment gateway we use is highly secure as it has regulatory compliance with FCA, SEPA and Schemes and is secure with PCI-DSS, PA-DSS and P2PE.

3. What payment methods can I use?

All major debit and credit cards with the exception of Diners Club.



1. What dining-related activities can I carry out on Coutts Concierge Online?

You can book tables for the next few days, even at restaurants which are usually booked months in advance. You can request tables at London and UK's best restaurants and keep up to date with restaurant news, read features, interviews with chefs and restaurant reviews.

2. What are Hot Tables?

There are two types of Hot Tables available:

Exclusive to Coutts Concierge: these tables are organised and pre-booked by our team of dining experts. These tables are available only to our members, not the general public.

Last-minute availability: this is where we have recently been notified by the management at the restaurant of this availability. Please send through your request and a member of our Dining team will be in contact shortly to confirm. In the event that this table has been taken, we will endeavour to find you a suitable alternative via our network of restaurant contacts.

3. How do I book Hot Tables?

Go to Dining
Select Hot Tables
Select the restaurant you want to book
Select Book Hot Table and fill in the requested details
Select Request Reservation
The Concierge team will send you an email as soon as they have confirmed the booking with the restaurant

4. How do I make a general dining request?

Select Restaurants.
Select Location
Use the drop down options or click on a popular dining destination to search for restaurants.
Select Details for the restaurant you wish to book,
Request Reservation and fill in the required fields such as your party size and the time required.
Coutts Concierge will send you a confirmation email or a lifestyle manager will call you, using the contacts given, as soon as they have confirmed the booking with the restaurant. Depending on the party size the restaurant may require a credit card to secure the booking and on these occasions you will be contacted for your card details.

5. How do I know that the reservation has been made?

You will receive a written confirmation of the booking from one of the lifestyle managers.

6. How do I cancel my dining reservation?

Please call a lifestyle manager should you wish to cancel a reservation using the following numbers:
London dining: 0203 056 4625
International dining: 0203 056 4626

7. I receive the Dining Club email, how does this differ to the online platform?

The concept is the same but the delivery is different. You will receive the Dining Club email as normal every Wednesday but you will be directed to the online service to view and click to book hot tables directly. It will also be clear online which tables are still available.



1. What entertainment-related activity requests can I carry out on Coutts Concierge Online?

You can request information about events, the availability of tickets and purchase tickets through our integrated box office APIs. In addition, you can request tickets before they go on general sale to the public. It is also possible to track your favourite artists and sign up to event rumours to be notified when information becomes available.

2. How do I Track Artists?

  • Select Entertainment
  • Select Track Artists – this gives you the opportunity to record online who you would like to see when they announce a tour in the future. When you select the Track Artist option you will automatically receive an email as soon as there is any news about the artist in question. If the artist you are interest in is not listed, go to:
  • Select Artists to Track
  • Enter the artists name
  • Select Submit

This will register your interest and lifestyle manager will be in touch when that artist announces new dates.

3. How do I track an artist that is not in the list?

Go to Entertainment and Track Artists, if you cannot see the artist that you are looking for, scroll down to Select Artists to Track and type the name of the artist within the box at the top of the Track artist page and press Submit. This will register your interest and lifestyle manager will be in touch when that artist announces new dates.

4. How do I search for an event?

Go to the Entertainment section and if you can see the event on the relevant homepage (music sports, theatre or comedy) click on that event to start the booking process. You can also search by event name, artist, venue or location; search by specific category from the drop-down list; or search by date. You are also able to conduct a specific search as a combination of these criteria, should you wish to do so.

5. How do I request tickets for an event going on sale in the future?

Once you have searched for your event, if the tickets have been announced but are not yet on sale, you will be asked to request tickets and to select up to three dates in order of preference.Depending on the event, you may also be asked to stipulate preferred seats and prices.

Enter your preferred contact details and accept the terms and conditions and Request Tickets.

Once the on sale date has been announced, a lifestyle manager will get in touch shortly before the date to reconfirm your requirements.

You will sometimes also be asked to supply the card number with which you would like to pay for the tickets. The lifestyle manager will then be back in touch once the ticket booking has been processed.

6. Why do I provide my card details for some ticket requests and not others?

The box offices used have different booking procedures which require card details at different times during the booking process. Therefore, the point at which your card details are required will depend on the box office being used to fulfil the request.

7. How do I book multiple dates or venues?

Please call a lifestyle manager to discuss your requirements on 0203 056 4628 so that they are clear you want to book more than one date. Otherwise they will assume you only want one of your options in the order of preference specified on the site.

8. How do I know my tickets have been booked?

You will receive an email update from a lifestyle manager confirming your purchase.

9. How do I cancel my ticket request?

Please phone a lifestyle manager as soon as possible to discuss this on 0203 056 4628. However it is usual policy for the terms and conditions to state that there will be no refunds or exchanges once the ticket purchase has been confirmed.

10. How and when will I receive my tickets?
Tickets will be sent to you directly from the box office. Depending on the event and the box office through which your tickets were purchased, you may be able to specify during the online booking purchase that you would like to collect your tickets at the box office on the day. It is the producers and promoters that decide when these are sent to help reduce ticket fraud. Theatre tickets are usually sent within 48 hours of purchase. Music and sports are usually released five to seven days before the event.

11. Why is there a limit to the number of tickets I can purchase online?
Producers and promoters who organise events set a limit to the number of tickets one person can purchase per billing address. Ticket limits are created to ensure that there is a fair distribution in tickets but also to ensure that large amounts of tickets are not purchased to resell at a profit.

12. How do I book tickets online through the website?
Due to our great relationships, we work with industry leading suppliers who have APIs which presents their live ticket allocations on our website to purchase. The box offices involved in the booking process are See Tickets and ATG. Due to these relationships, you are able to book theatre, music and sports tickets.

To book tickets:

  • Search event
  • A number of options will appear depending on what box office is selling for the event
  • Select the date required and number of tickets
  • Review seating location
  • Complete personal information including card details to complete the booking
  • Confirmation emails will be sent to you once the tickets have been confirmed.

13. Can you explain why the box offices appear in the order that they do and what your relationship to them is?
When you search for an event, your ticket options will be presented by the selection of box offices selling for the event. They will appear in the order that confirms which box office has the largest allocation of tickets and therefore sell with the cheapest booking fees. All tickets through this site are sold through official box offices and are legitimate, so all you need to do is select the seats that you prefer.

14. What does Exclusive to concierge mean?
On some events, you will see a purchase option for tickets available through 'Excluisve to concierge'. These tickets have been sourced and purchased by the concierge to ensure that our members have a guaranteed allocation for that event. Tickets are limited and are strictly subject to availability. By purchasing tickets through this tab, Ten Lifestyle Management will appear on your statement. On occasions, the allocation can be complimentary although this will be made clear at the time of booking.



1. How do I book a multi-leg journey?

Please call the Travel team to book this for you on 0203 056 4632.

2. I want to leave from one airport and return into another

Please call the Travel team to book this for you on 0203 056 4632.

3. Why can I not select a outbound/inbound date of today or tomorrow?

You can still make last-minute bookings by calling the Travel team on 0203 056 4632. Last-minute bookings are restricted so that a lifestyle manager can ensure everything is set up correctly, that the payment is processed and tickets issued immediately. In the event that there is an issue, a lifestyle manager can ensure everything is resolved prior to travel.

4. What is the difference between standard and fully flexible?

Standard - these are often non-refundable, can't be amended or carry high charges to change.
Fully Flexible - these are often more expensive but can usually be refunded or amended at any time before departure at no or at a lower cost.

5. I need to cancel or change my booking?

Please call the Travel team to arrange this for you on 0203 056 4632..

6. How will I receive my tickets?

You will automatically receive confirmation of your booking, this is not your ticket. An e-ticket will be sent via e-mail within 24 hours of making your flight reservation.

7. Do I need to supply my passport information to make a booking?

Your passport details are not required to make the reservation but you will need a valid passport and visa (if applicable) to travel.

8. When do the child ages come into effect?

A child’s age in terms of a travel booking is taken from the age they are on the date of outbound travel.

9. Can I book unaccompanied minors?

Please call the Travel team to arrange this for you on 0203 056 4632.

10. What do I do if have booked the wrong flight?

Please call the Travel team to look into this for you on 0203 056 4632.

11. How will I know if the flight details change?

You will be notified of any chances and a lifestyle manager will contact you immediately to discuss.

12. I would like to make special meal requests

Please call the Travel team to arrange this for you on 0203 056 4632.

13. Can I book extra baggage allowance?

Please call the Travel team to arrange this for you on 0203 056 4632.

14. Can I take skis/snowboard/golf clubs?

Please call the Travel team to arrange this for you on 0203 056 4632.

15. How do I find my carrier code so that I can add my frequent flier number?

Your carrier code is the two-letter prefix before your chosen flight number. For example, a British Airways flight would appear as BA 123. If you have questions about this please call our Flight team on 0203 056 4632 who will be able to advise.

16. Why won't the system let me use my title Lord/Lady etc?

Due to the restrictions with airline systems on titles we are only able to accept Mr/Mrs/Miss.

17. Why can't I book low cost carriers on Coutts Concierge Online?

In many instances low cost carriers add on additional administration fees. To ensure only the correct fees are applied to your booking, we ask you to call us on 0203 056 4632 to book this type of flight.



1. How are the Coutts Concierge prices cheaper than Expedia?

As an exclusive benefit for concierge members the travel agent's commission is not passed on to you meaning you can take advantage of this discount.

2. What is a Global Hotel Collection hotel?

The Global Hotel Collection is a collection of over 1,500 luxury hand-picked hotels at which members of Coutts Concierge can enjoy great value benefits such as complimentary breakfast, room upgrades, dining and spa credits, early check-in, late checkout and more*.

The collection currently includes some of the very best luxury hotels groups such as Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, W Hotels, Luxury collection, Shangri-La, Trump and Rocco Forte Hotels.

Coutts Concierge also works with a number of fantastic independent city hotels and resorts, including Terre Blanche in Provence, Bairro Alto in Lisbon, Hotel Puente Romano in Spain, Gansevoort Meatpacking and Gansevoort Fifth Avenue in New York, Fasano Hotels in Rio and Sao Paulo, Maybourne Hotels - Claridges, The Connaught and the Berkeley, Stoke Park Country Club, Gleneagles and many more of the very best hotels across the world.

*Subject to availability and terms may apply

3. What do I do if I need to change my hotel booking?

Please call the the Travel team to arrange this for you on 0203 056 4632.

4. Can I use my hotel loyalty programme online?

Please call the Travel team on 0203 056 4632 and they will take these details for you.

5. How can I make requests for my stay?

Please call the the Travel team to arrange this for you on 0203 056 4632.

6. I can’t see the hotel I want on your site

Please call the the Travel team to look into this for you on 0203 056 4632.

7. What do I do if I have booked the wrong hotel?

Please call the the Travel team to look into this for you on 0203 056 4632.

8. Why is Expedia showing a cheaper rate than the rates on the online platform?

By booking online Coutts Concierge is able to offer you a discount, so as a general rule the rate offered online is cheaper than Expedia. However, on some occasions the discount applied may not make the rate on our site cheaper than Expedia due to a delay in rates between and the Expedia Affiliate Network.

9. How do I book different room types?

Please call the the Travel team to arrange this for you on 0203 056 4632.


Car hire

1. How do I book extras like car seats, navigation system roof rack or snow tyres?

Please call the Travel team to book this for you on 0203 056 4632.

2. How do I know what it will cost me for extras?

You can request these online but they will be paid for locally. Please call the Travel team on 0203 056 4632 if you would like more information than is offered online.

3. Will I get the car I can see online?

No, these are just examples of the vehicle size.

4. Can I input my loyalty card number into Concierge Online?

Please call the Travel team on 020 3056 4632 and they will take these details for you.


Other travel

1. Do I need a visa to travel?

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions. Visa requirements depend on the country you are travelling to and the passport that you hold and apply to adults and children alike. Please access the relevant country embassy information or call us to obtain the latest travel guidance.

2. Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is an important part of your arrangements. You should take out adequate insurance for the duration of your journey. Travel insurance is a mandatory element of some travel arrangements.

3. Do I need vaccinations?

Please access the embassy information of the country you are travelling to for the latest vaccination advice.

4. How can I make special requests?

Please call the the Travel team to arrange this for you on 0203 056 4632.

5. How can I book extras such as babysitting?

Please call the the Travel team to arrange this for you on 0203 056 4632.

6. How can I book an airport transfer?

Please call the the Travel team to arrange this for you on 0203 056 4632.


Complaint handling

We aim to resolve all member complaints within a service level agreement of 24 hours. Our core Member Satisfaction team will train, support and quality-check resolution management within specific departments.

Our duty when handling complaints:

1. To recognise and acknowledge any form of dissatisfaction at the member’s first point of contact by email, telephone call, social media, online concierge or text message.

2. To ensure that our complaint handlers are equipped with sufficient training, coaching and support mechanisms to resolve complaints fairly and to the full satisfaction of the member.

3. To escalate complaints efficiently, thereby minimising effort and barriers for the member to complain.

4. All members are kept informed as to the progress of their complaint and the expected timeframe for full resolution.

5. To coach our member-facing staff to treat all constructive feedback with empathy and, in turn, to ensure all communication is clear and personalised to the member’s dissatisfaction. This will include feedback that is resolved with compensation to our members.